Ready, Steady, Erm… What Now?

Runners at a starting point

So the festivities are over…

Late nights, sleeping in, good food, love and laughter have filled that strange time of year that starts for many, just before Christmas, and ends sometime soon, if it hasn’t already done so, and so once more we return to the reality that is ‘Real Life’.


Back to work, doing just enough to stay off the boss’s radar, but looking busy enough to avoid additional workload. Cleaning up after your partner has thoughtfully cooked dinner leaving the kitchen looking like Hurricane BawBag dropped by for coffee. The school run, those eternal 20 minutes staring at brake lights that stretch beyond the horizon, whilst you fumble hopelessly to get the heating to blow anything warmer than sub-zero arctic winds on your already frozen fingers, while the kids scream something about lost lunch money & forgotten homework…

… and at the back of your mind are the last few scraps of hope that the resolutions, cast in stone only a few days ago, might make it to the end of the week. If any of this resonates with you and you can see shades of yourself in it, then know this…


Yes, reality will bring you back to earth with a bump after a time of year when anything seems possible, but it doesn’t need to be the tidal wave that extinguishes your intentions for the future. If you allow yourself to accept the reality that there will be challenges ahead, but that they will not be insurmountable. So here’s our guide to getting started, and staying, on the path to achieving your goals…

  • Be clear about what you want – This is very different to what you don’t want. If you focus on what you don’t want, this will get you very different results to what paying attention to what you do want. For example, “I don’t want to be a size X”, will get different results to “I want to be a size Y”. If your goal is not to be size X, as soon as you drop a size you’re inclined to ease off the gas, and other things get in the way of continuing. If your goal is to be a size Y, the closer you get, the more motivated you will become.
  • There will be hiccups – There will be days when things don’t go to plan. After a month of being smoke-free, you might find yourself in that situation that was always ‘easier with a cigarette’. After a few puffs, the craving will pass and you’ll think “What the hell am I doing?” The answer is “much better than if you’d never tried!” If you can think now about the things that might be triggers for old behaviours, and make a plan for how to deal with them IF they arise, then far less things will take you by surprise. And remember, you’re always going to be achieving more than the person who didn’t even attempt to make a positive change.
  • Acknowledge your successes – If you’ve set yourself a long term goal, whilst you have to know where you’re going, when you need a motivational boost, look at how far you’ve come. If you’ve decided to train for a marathon, and after a month you have put in the effort, but still feel like 26 miles might just as well be to the moon and back, look at how far you can run today compared to the same time last month or the month before.
  • Do well by doing good – Extend the impact of your positive choices by getting sponsored to start, continue or achieve your goal. Raise money for your favourite charity by getting sponsored to keep going and even get others involved so you can provide your own support network, share tips and motivate the others in your group when they’re struggling. Change doesn’t have to be hard, and it certainly doesn’t need to be lonely! Take help wherever you can get it, in whatever form it takes.

road-success-370x229If you set your goals, but with no clear ideas about how to achieve them, then your making things unnecessarily hard for yourself. As a friend of mine says, “If you’re riding a horse, face the way its travelling.” Taking a little time to decide what you want, where potential pitfalls are, what are the waypoints along the path that will let you know you’re still heading in the right direction, and considering where can you enlist additional support are all steps that will help you to make change easy.

If you’re looking for ways to get you unconscious and conscious mind focussed, and working together, you can visit the downloads page on our website here to find out how we can offer you additional tools to help you achieve success.