Before going along to Transformations, I was really struggling with anxiety from a past traumatic experience. I would suffer panic attacks in public, on public transport, in shopping centres, and even in the car. A bang of a car door would set me off, or someone sitting too close to me.
I felt that I couldn’t do anything without confidence. I felt that anxiety had control over me. Since doing a few sessions, I’ve really noticed a difference in myself. My family and friends can see the difference too. I feel stronger in myself mentally and physically feel the benefit, I’m sleeping better, more awake in myself and feel like a new improved me. I don’t have that dark cloud holding me back, I feel free like a huge weight has been taken away from me. Nothing or no one has a hold on me anymore, I finally feel like I am 100% and back on track with life and back in control again.
100% recommended, so friendly and helpful.