Having been terrified of flying for pretty much all my life I was a little sceptical when Transformations boldly claimed to be able to cure my fear in less than an hour!

My fear of flying was so completely irrational. As a Regional Sales Manager living in Scotland it impacted heavily both on my work and personal life. I could only fly dosed up with diazepam, which had its issues when flying south to attend meetings. I would invariably end up in tears on the plane being comforted by the crew. Family holidays became a trip to Centre Parcs in the UK every year.

Following the session, I have to confess I was still a little doubtful as to whether or not I would experience any difference. However the following Friday I took flight to London and felt really relaxed. I’ve averaged 12 flights per month regularly commuting from Edinburgh to London for work since my session last October. I have no anxiety at all. Unbelievably, I’m so calm now I’ve even found myself reassuring nervous passengers sitting next to me during periods of turbulence!

I’m now currently planning a trip to visit family and friends in Australia, taking my children with me. It has changed my life, both work and personal, to be able to stay calm and relaxed miles up in the air.

I would highly recommend Transformations.

Thank you doesn’t cover the gratitude I feel.