Life changing


I knew for a number of months that I needed to do something about my anxiety. My world was becoming smaller and smaller. I was getting more and more terrified to leave my house. My house was my “safe place”.

When I visited Marina, she advised what procedure she was going to use before asking me if I just wanted her to “get on with it”. Which I did, as I was fed up feeling the way I did. I was having a pretty bad anxiety day that day too.

After 2 hours (there is no time limit to Marina’s treatments) and a waterfall of tears (when I don’t normally show emotion), I felt like a new woman!

At this time, I wanted to know what the solutions were to any situation I could potentially find myself in. However, I did not know what the answers were. Time has passed since my session, and I’ve been presented with a situation, I do not over react. I think rationally and don’t over think. I am no longer a worry wart who thinks that the worst possible scenario is the only situation.

Not long after my session with Marina, I started a new job, which, I knew almost immediately, was not the right place for me to be working.

Having not been to see Marina I would probably still have been in the previous job. Or perhaps not have realised so quickly that the “new” job had the potential to make me unwell.

In the meantime, I applied, and was successful, in being appointed to a job supervising 20+ people. Which I am thoroughly enjoying. It comes with a number of scenarios, on a daily basis, which could cause anxiety to any one of us. There was NO WAY I could have taken on this role had I not been treated by Marina and managed my mental health in a way that I remain calm when a situation is presented to me.

A number of friends, who I do not see very often, have commented on the fact that I am a different, more positive, person. I feel more “laid back” and situations which would have, in the past, caused me to have a meltdown. I take in my stride. Sometimes, I still have “moments”, however, these are less frequent and not as intense. I also know how to deal with them.

After my session with Marina, I reviewed some “friendships” which were adding to my anxiety. So I have, over a period of time, removed these people from my life.

I have also reduced some anxiety triggers. Some of which cannot be eradicated, but I have learnt to deal with. One of these triggers is a family member who is very opinionated. I have started to “talk back” to this person and they are not liking this. In the past, I would not have retorted but would have walked away feeling belittled.

There are occasions when I have been invited out with friends but know that I don’t HAVE to go. Knowing this, I do not put pressure on myself. Most of the time, I end up going to these events because I know I have a “get out”.

All in all, Marina has changed my life. I cannot recommend her enough to anyone who is suffering from anxiety