Wanted to thank you again, I slept so well last night, the best sleep I’ve had in months it feels like an enormous weight has been lifted. I would never have believed that I could feel this good after 1 session. I can’t thank you enough and so glad I made the choice to make a positive change.



Just checking in to let you know how grateful I am. This past week has been the best I’ve felt in a very long time. And I am amazed at the complete turnaround in my attitude and thinking. I am no longer consumed with negative emotions and hurt from the past and I am able to think positively and feel in control of my emotions. Today I faced. a situation, which previously would have stressed my out. With calm and positivity I was able to just accept it for what it was and let it go. Really can’t believe how good that feels, so thank you again. I have slept so well since.