Fear was holding me back

I went to Marina as I have had issues around fear and how the fear was holding me back and getting me down constantly. These issues have always been there but lately been getting worse and lockdown has only made it more difficult, so it seemed like this was the right time to do something about it
Although we couldn’t do a session in person Marina offered me a face to face session through video chat and recommended a new type of therapy she was working on called silent counselling.
The difficulty for me is that I wasn’t sure why I had these issues and what may be causing them. This therapy could tap into my subconscious and would be something very different i was assured.
We completed the therapy over 2 sessions and can say it was amazing. After the first one I had an emotional few days as I felt a shift in my thinking and weight lifted from me. During the 2nd session Marina was able to determine it was my confidence and lack of self belief that was actually causing the issues and help lift these from me. At the end of the session I came away feeling great and I have seen a massive improvement in my thought process now.
I can absolutely recommend Marina and she has an amazing skill set to help in so many different ways. I can only say that have an open mind and go for it. A massive thank you to Marina for all of the help and support I have got from her.