Silent Counselling

Silent Counselling

What is Silent Counselling?

Silent Counselling enables you to release negative emotions without the need to talk about past events.

It works by using your body’s energy system, rather than your retelling of painful events, to identify and diffuse negative emotions. It gives you the power to move on from the emotional burdens of the past into the present with positive feelings. I often integrate Silent Counselling into your session.

Silent Counselling
muscle testing

What happens during a session

During the session, I will ask you to identify an event that is causing you emotional pain. This event could be something that is bothering you from your past or something you are dreading having to face in the future.

You may talk about the event if you like or you may choose to say nothing at all. It works by you briefly thinking about the event. Whilst doing so, I help you release the trapped negative emotions. I do so using muscle testing and as a result, you press on the specific meridians within the body. Meridians are points where negative emotions are energetically stored.

What are the benefits

  • No need to talk about past event or trauma.
  • Assists with emotional burdens such as anger management, self-judgement, blame and low self -esteem.
  • Identifies and diffuses negative emotions caused by past events which are being triggered by events in the present.
  • frees you of negative emotions while retaining privacy and dignity.
  • gives you the choice and freedom to move on and make positive changes.


In conclusion, Silent Counselling gives you freedom from negative emotions and behaviours varied forward from past lives, the womb, birth, childhood, right up to the present time, leaving you feeling lighter, happier and more peaceful. Because of this approach, these sessions typically last around 2 hours so please consider this when booking your appointment.


Silent Counselling is a powerful tool, however, we have discovered that when coupled with other therapies we offer, that it is even more effective.

Silent Counselling