Phobia Freedom

A Phobia, to those who have them, may be debilitating, and an enigma to those who don’t. They can cause a great deal of anxiety to those who have them.

By understanding how fear functions at a primal level, I provide the opportunity to eliminate fear, quickly and effortlessly. Fear is not a problem, it is only a problem when it is out of control, and holding you back from achieving what you want in life.

For those who don’t have a phobia, it may be hard to understand the potentially crippling fear experienced by the sufferers. Simply naming the source of the fear is sometimes enough to generate a response for some people. Doing things and going places that many people take for granted can often seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be that way…

Phobias are Learnt

You are born with only two fears “built-in”… fear of falling and sudden, loud noises. All the rest are the result of something you’ve learned. Phobias are often learnt quickly. In many cases, “one-time” learning. It may have been that this was through personal experience or perhaps through witnessing the behaviour of a parent or any other one who is a significant influence in your life. As a result, that means…

If you can learn to do one thing quickly, you can learn to do something else, just as quickly.

Testimonial – Sandra

“Hi Marina.
I was down to see you in May with my daughter in law about our fear of balloons and I said I would let you know how I got on once I had been to a family party.Well that was at the weekend and it went really well.

There were balloons there and I was being hit on the head by the kids with them. I did feel a bit uncomfortable to begin with but I didn’t have the same palpitations that I have had in the past. No sweating hands or feeling anxious. I even burst one.

I have also been in the same room as helium balloons whilst being inflated at my work so I think I can safely say it worked for me. Thank you so very much for all your help.”

Testimonial – Kay

“I had a phobia that’s been getting worse. Marina had said she could help with it.I was a sceptical tbh, but keen to try. Well I wish I had listened sooner as one visit sorted it out for me.

I have been testing myself the last week, like you said I would Marina, but no issues at all. Totally able to cope now. Don’t know what you did, but it works. Many thanks Marina. #awesome xx

So folks if you have a phobia, no matter what (mine was a bit mad, so not going to share) & it’s affecting your life I totally recommend an appointment with Marina to help you sort it. You won’t regret it.”


It is possible a phobia is triggered by specific things (snakes, spiders, needles, flying, heights, etc). Or perhaps by social situations (meeting new people, public speaking, talking to members of the opposite sex, etc), and can mean that you arranged your life to avoid these.

How many sessions will I need?

The breadth and depth of our experience is such that we are confident you will experience a significant shift within one session, that’s right… JUST ONE SESSION!

What's the difference between a fear and a phobia?

With a fear, the response is generally in proportion with the perceived threat, and is usually only experienced when confronted with the thing which causes the fear.

A phobia is typically a response greatly exaggerated in proportion to the perceived threat. Sometimes you experience it even when the threat is not present. Simply talking or thinking about it can cause the ‘phobic’ response.

When will I feel the difference?

You may experience immediate results. Setting yourself free from fear and knowing you don’t feel the same way any more. This realisation is sometimes accompanied by a feeling of euphoria. In the days following the session your confidence in your ability continues to grow stronger as your unconscious continues to make change.

Will I need to confront the source of my phobia?

Only if you choose to do so, and only if practical. However, this is the best way to understand how much you have changed.

What will happen during the session?

Through a relaxed chat, we will identify the patterns of behaviour that triggered the ‘phobic’, before being neutralised. For everyone as the process of creating fear is different. Often there is no need to go back and explore the source of the problem. Understanding how you created the fear is more useful than knowing why.

We use a combination of therapies to make the transition both quick and effortless for you.

You are probably already beginning to notice that we work fast to help you solve your problem