Weight Loss

Weight Loss – £497 (5 sessions)

Do you want to lose weight and NOT diet?

Would you like to eat the foods you enjoy?

Do you want to be in control of your eating & your weight?

This approach is NOT a diet! There are no meal replacements, supplements, pills, food restrictions or any other short-term gimmick!

It is the way for you to achieve a healthy, sustainable weight loss without spending hours at the gym, whilst still allowing you to eat the foods you enjoy!

Everyone knows someone who eats all the foods you want to, but maintains their figure almost effortlessly! This shows that achieving a healthy body doesn’t require you to live on bland healthy foods and exercise for hours every day… The difference is not WHAT they eat, but HOW they eat!

Our approach is for anyone who is ready to Get Serious Get Slim! Whether you just want to optimize your behaviours or if the problem is overeating and ‘snacking’ on the wrong types of food, you can take control now of your future by taking back control of your eating. You will learn the attitudes of someone who is naturally slim with this program. Is for you, the thought of being glamorous and sexy, a difficult one to reconcile to where you are now?

‘Ready and determined to make change’ is the only criteria to needed be successful with this approach. We only work with people that are determined to fix their problems…


What You Will Learn

You will learn how your mind & body work together so that you can use natural design to work for you! Enjoy cooking & eating guilt-free! Learn to appreciate food and consider it fuel for your body, not an enemy to do battle with! Learn why awareness of your body’s needs is an important skill, and how to develop that skill.

Over a number of sessions, you will change your mind and ‘reset’ back to your naturally healthier, slimmer self, and discover the effortless way to control your weight & eating behaviours.

This is not a diet, this is a lifestyle change, and requires your commitment to let it work for you.

As with any therapeutic procedure, your success depends on your commitment to the change in lifestyle and motivation to reduce your weight. We give 100% commitment to your success and expect the same commitment from you.

Weight loss sessions are carried out over 5 sessions, with session 5 being a review 4-5 weeks after session 4. This is NOT a diet