At Transformations, we help you be the best possible version of yourself. Therefore, we help you to reduce stress, anxiety and deal with trauma. In addition to offering 1:1 sessions, we also do a variety of different events.

These events are either online or face-to-face. You may be looking for ways to cope with anxiety. Perhaps you want to clear out old unwanted negative thoughts and feelings. Similarly, you may want to find more calm in your life. Our selection of events has something for everyone.

To find out more about upcoming events check out our list below.

One day just for you…

Mind & Body Reset Retreat

Spend the day with Scott Hutchison-McDade (Zen Yoga teacher) from Positive Change Yoga, Marina Collins (Transformational hypnotherapist) from Transformations, and Barry Collins Master Firewalking Instructor) from Phoenix Firewalk, and take a journey designed to reset your mind and body.
Calling on practices from all their different disciplines, as a result, these three masters in their fields will create a safe space for you to focus on yourself, furthermore allowing you to leave feeling rested, refreshed, and ready for anything.
Achieving inner peace is as much about stopping doing things that no longer serve us, as it is about engaging in practices that create peace and harmony in our lives.

Over the day you will experience:

Yoga Nidra
Active Meditation
Glass Walking
Sound Journey
And more…

Bringing together spiritual practices from across the globe, from many different cultures, reaching back hundreds, possibly thousands of years, that all have one thing in common…
To quieten and heal your mind and body.
Starting at 10 am through till 5 pm, you will enter the perfect space to reset your mind and body.
All of the activities are suitable for all levels of ability, and there are no prerequisites to attending other than a willingness to surrender to the process, and in short, allow yourself to reset naturally.