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Our shop provides a selection of downloads and programs which have been created with a specific goal in mind for you. Use the downloads regularly, when you can safely withdraw from the outside world, allowing yourself to become fully immersed. As a result it will greatly increase the benefit you will experience from these hypnosis downloads.

As well as our downloads, in our shop you can also purchase a copy of either our Transforming Anxiety E-Book or our weight management book.To find out how to get our FREE download to help reduce feelings of anxiety, just click here.

Transforming Anxiety E-Book

Kindle £9.97

Having dealt with her own stress and anxiety in life before becoming a clinical hypnotherapist, Marina understands what it means to start the day with the expectation that you will have to fight to just make it to the end of the day. She also knows the value of becoming empowered to tackle these daily challenges in your own way and in your own time.
This simple guide equips you to face head on the moments in life that would have seemed overwhelming in the past.

Transforming Anxiety E Book image

Get Serious Get Slim Book

Paperback        £9.99

Are you ready to get serious about your health and take back control of your life? Then this is where it all begins. Through a serious of simple exercises and by making small changes in your lifestyle.  You are guided through the process of ‘resetting’ the habits and behaviours that led you away from health and happiness.

Turn your weaknesses in to strengths and make them work for you and find a simple path back to good health, peace of mind, and a positive outlook.

Get Serious Get Slim Book

Get Serious Get Slim Lite Download

Download Program   £15.00


Use our Get Serious, Get Slim Lite to get you started on your weight loss journey. This download includes a Hypnosis video to help get you started clearing out any emotional issues that may be holding you back from losing weight. It also includes a hypnosis track for daily listening, this will help reset your mind into a more healthy way of eating.

There is also a video that helps you to bust any cravings you have. If you find you can’t resist chocolate, cakes, crisps or bread, then this is the video you should watch.

It comes complete with instructions, hunger scale chart and a sample of meals.

Get Serious Get Slim – Complete Program

Download Program   £97.00

This program cover ALL the bases. As you can see from the content below, nothing is left to chance. This is the combined knowledge, wisdom & expertise of over 10 years in their field.  Discovering what works and what doesn’t, then distilling the knowledge down to its purest form. Everything from taking the first steps to how to maintain your healthy body and mind once you have achieved it is address with this program.

Losing weight isn’t just about your weight, it’s about so much more. It’s about putting yourself back in control of your habits and behaviours that drive your health. It’s about feeling good about yourself, seeing yourself getting healthier, knowing that each day is getting you closer to your ideal you.

  • 6 full audio tracks providing the tools for you to reprogram your unconscious for a healthier life and a slimmer you, quickly and effortlessly. 
  • Get Serious Get Slim workbook full of useful hints, tips and guidance to make your change as easy as possible, by helping you “Think Thin”.
  • Totally FREE copy of “Get Serious Get Slim” e-book giving you the inside guide to programming your own brain for weight loss success.
  • Expert guidance and motivation to start, and keep you, moving towards a healthier, happier you.
  • Healthy, tasty & nutritional recipes & meal suggestions from a qualified nutritionist, to ensure you can have lots of tasty food as you get healthy.
  • The combined knowledge & expertise of not just one, but TWO EXPERT weight loss therapists & coaches.

Relaxation Download

(15 minutes)        £9.99 

This track is ideal for putting your stresses to one side and allowing your mind and body to unwind even more, providing the ideal environment to recharge your energy.

lady floating in water with a pillow Relaxation Download

Positivity Download

(29 minutes)        £14.99

Help create a more positive attitude for life. Have you ever wished you could just get your mind to ‘shut up’ and give you a break? Allow your natural positivity to shine through.  Using this track regularly will provide the opportunity for you to do just this. Suitable for assisting with moving on from the past, and becoming more focused on your future.

Positivity Download

Smoking Cessation Download

(18 minutes)        £19.99

If you already want to become smoke-free then this track will support you making positive change in your behaviours and habits. When you decide to stop smoking, there can be reminders of your old habits. By learning new ways of thinking and developing new behaviours to manage those times and places is an important part of your success.

This audio track can also be used to support change in other habitual behaviours, such as those relating to alcohol, nail biting, or other repetitive habits.

Changing Habits Download

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This download will help you reduce feelings of anxiety, consequently leaving you feeling calm and relaxed. It includes Binaural beats, which activate specific systems within the brain to help reduce stress and anxiety. Listening with headphones is highly recommended for maximum benefit.

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These programs have been specifically designed for you to download to help you access your unconscious resources, as a result,  you can change at your own pace. Whether you want to learn to relax, change a habit or tap in to you inner power, there’s something for you too here.

After you purchase these programs, only use them when you can safely relax fully and completely, and without interruption. Each download contains a powerful hypnotic induction to give you access to states you would not normally enter. These can be used as often as you like, therefore better results with regular use.