Do You Want To Believe?

tooth fairy

Do you believe everything you’re told, without question? Hopefully not, but do you believe some of the things you’re told, without any scrutiny or examination? Quite possibly, and it’s these ‘facts’ that become the foundation for some life limiting beliefs.

tooth fairyMany of us accepted Santa Claus or the tooth fairy as reality, without ever asking, “Mom, what have you been smoking?” because we wanted to believe in the benign figure, a symbol of kindness and generosity, that would deliver a gift, that would make our lives a little happier & better. In essence, there was some benefit to be had from believing. If we stopped believing, would the gifts stop coming…?

The problem this system creates is that, if life is ‘easier’ when we accept a belief, many choose not to follow the road to freedom and excellence, but follow the well trodden, beige path to mediocrity.

Take smoking for example… If you are, or ever have been a smoker, you will be all too familiar with the wealth of options to support you through becoming smoke-free. There’s gum, and patches, tablets and inhalators, support groups and online communities you can turn to in moments of weakness, and all manner of substitutes that still deliver that all important chemical.

Which part of that supports the belief that stopping is easy?

As a former smoker (on more than one occasion), I can tell you first hand, it’s easy to stop when you believe it will be. After several failed attempts over a number of years, all of with varying degrees of difficulty, I stopped several years ago effortlessly! I simply no longer believed it had to be difficult… and it wasn’t, and I’ll never go back!

beef burgerPeople who have difficulty maintaining a healthy weight, frequently limit their success through their beliefs. The multi-billion dollar diet industry thrives on the acceptance of the idea that weight loss is a hard, uphill, never ending struggle… but it’s not! Sure, if you buy in to this idea, you can make excuses for not being healthy… “I can’t afford it, it takes up too much of my time, it’s too complicated, I could never give up ______ (fill in the blank)”

Stop for a moment and consider this… Small infants and very young children can regulate and maintain a healthy weight without effort – any parent who has ever tried to get their child to have “just one more mouthful” will know the frustration of meal times.

baby eating cakeAnd yet, we can learn so much from these children. They don’t count calories or weigh foods, and they certainly don’t believe it’s difficult to stay healthy, they just do what is natural… the way mother nature intended! Managing your weight and being healthy is not difficult, if you expect it to be easy!

Our belief creates our experience, and I simply believe life doesn’t have to be complicated. One of my teachers, Tolly Burkan, says, “If you’re riding a horse, face the way it’s moving”. For me that kind of sums up how it should be – don’t complicate things, don’t create obstacles where there are none, just let it be easy. This is what I provide for my clients, a belief system that allows them to see the path that’s easy to follow, but still takes them where they want to go…

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