Smoking Cessation

Smoking Cessation…

(18 minutes) £19.99

This smoking cessation download uses the power of your unconscious to free yourself from limiting beliefs that tied you to your old habits. It will help you begin to build new, more positive behaviours in their place.

Smoking Cessation Download

(18 minutes) £19.99

If you already want to become smoke-free then this track will support you making positive change in your behaviours and habits. When you decide to stop smoking, there can be reminders of your old habits. By learning new ways of thinking and developing new behaviours to manage those times and places is an important part of your success. Using this download regularly will help you break those habits.

Once you have made the choice to quit, there are two elements to deal with. These are, the addiction and the habit. The chemical addiction is normally over within 72 hours. However, changing the habit requires consistency and perseverance. This powerful hypnotic download helps to reinforce the positive changes you are making. It bypasses the conscious, logical mind, allowing you to ‘reprogram’ your unconscious mind to work with you, not against you, to achieve your ultimate goal – to become a non-smoker.

Furthermore this audio track is also suitable to be used to support change in other habitual behaviours. Those include ones relating to alcohol, nail biting, or other repetitive habits, therefore, addressing the compulsions that can sometime be downfall of those determined to succeed.

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