Transformations Blog

Here you can join me through my blog, on my exploration of the world as I experience it. Some of these blogs were written a few years ago when both Barry and myself were joint owners of the business, but, however, the stories still hold an important message today as they did then.


You can read some stories of how we’ve approached some of the things in our lives, including some very personal experiences, such as my previous relationship and my experience of losing my mum. Hopefully, these ones will help you see that you too can make the changes you need to move forward in your life We hope to give you insight into how we help others as well as how we see the problems of the world. Most importantly we hope that each blog can bring you some clarity in your life. As a result, we try to be as honest and open as possible.

Join me as I give you a little insight into what has helped me arrive at this destination on my journey to help others.


Furthermore, feel free to comment as we love to know what your experience has been…



Ground Control to Major Tom

SOMETHING PRESSING I love trying out new and alternative methods for my […]

Fear v Anxiety

When the fear of phobia is overpowering... “How long will it take?”, [...]

A Moving Story

Home is not just where the heart is… I’m sitting here in […]

Get On Your Bike

The Road Ahead Was Clearer Than She Thought. It was a Monday [...]

Sometimes You Have To Let Go

Letting Go Whilst my mum was in hospital after her stroke I […]

Be Blooming Marvellous

Tend your Inner Thoughts Imagine someone decided to give you a bunch […]

Can You Feel It…

Have you ever been told you have no feelings? You’ve gotten into […]

Believe You Can

This is me…   To become a hypnotherapist and to be the […]

Don’t Think Of A Blue Tree

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a rut with your […]

Are We There Yet…?

Are you the best possible version of you? Are you the person [...]

Uninstalling Stress

We’ve all had the experience of feeling stress or anxiety. Some more […]

Do You Want To Believe?

Do you believe everything you’re told, without question? Hopefully not, but do you believe some of […]

Ready, Steady, Erm… What Now?

So the festivities are over… Late nights, sleeping in, good food, love […]

Haven’t we been here before?

Have you ever walked down the street and had to stop and […]

Disappointment Requires Adequate Planning

Does it sometimes seem like no matter what you plan, the universe […]

Life Through A Lens

With the festivities of the holiday season behind us, I recall the […]

Isn’t that awfully spicy?

'What goes around, comes around…', I've heard it said countless times, but [...]

I think I’m pregnant

I recently read an article called "Can You Think Yourself Pregnant?" My [...]

Don’t ask me how I know, I just know…

We've all had that sensation when we just knew how things were [...]

The Invisible Torment Pt 3 – Delight At The End Of The Tunnel

My New Life Began   After Barry and I had only been […]

The Invisible Torment Pt 2 – My Story

I should have known my marriage wasn’t going to last when, on […]

The Invisible Torment Pt 1 – Is it me?

We hear so much in the news about domestic abuse and I […]