Client Testimonials


I met Barry at a recent party through my boyfriend, and soon started talking about my phobia of balloons - completely irrational but quite embarrassing when attending children’s parties and having to leave the room because the kids were happily playing with balloons.

A very short session later and I am completely indifferent to them - and I have tried everything just to check...but no, not a single reaction to them...absolutely amazing!

Even to the point that I actually want balloons to be around - never thought it could be possible!



I've recently did the Get Serious Get Slim program. I feel fantastic.

My whole outlook on food has changed and for the 1st time in my life I'm in control of my eating. I've no idea how much weight I’ve lost as I've not been on scales in years, but in just over a month I've dropped a clothes size.

I would recommend Transformations to anyone as Barry's understanding and support has been amazing.


Barry Collins... You’re a genius!!!


I'm losing weight and feel great! Just spent 2 weeks with my brother and his two kids and I never stopped.

We were on the go the whole time and I was joining in, something I never did before, I was always on the side lines watching and now thanks to you I am out having fun with my own babies and my nephews.

I could go on and on about what I do now and how I feel and it is all down to you. I've never been happier. Thank you with all my heart.


Four weeks since starting Get Serious Get Slim, and that’s 1.5 stones off, 8lbs of it since, I am so happy! Love having a smaller stomach! Thank you Barry for giving me my life back, no more walking about hanging my head in shame anymore!


I would strongly recommend Transformations. I have had great success in cutting down my eating with the treatment and also with my alcohol dependency.

The service was very friendly and professional and I was made to feel comfortable throughout the whole process."


Having been terrified of flying for pretty much all my life I was a little sceptical when Barry from Transformations boldly claimed to be able to cure my fear in less than an hour!

My fear of flying was so completely irrational - as a Regional Sales Manager living in Scotland it impacted heavily both on my work and personal life. I could only fly dosed up with diazepam, which had its issues when flying south to attend meetings and would invariably end up in tears on the plane being comforted by the crew. Family holidays became a trip to Centre Parcs in the UK every year.

Following the session, I have to confess I was still a little doubtful as to whether or not I would experience any difference, however the following Friday I took flight to London and felt really relaxed. I've averaged 12 flights per month regularly commuting from Edinburgh to London for work since my session last October and I have no anxiety at all. Unbelievably, I'm so calm now I've even found myself reassuring nervous passengers sitting next to me during periods of turbulence!

I'm now currently planning a trip to visit family and friends in Australia, taking my children with me. It has changed my life, both work and personal, to be able to stay calm and relaxed miles up in the air.

I would highly recommend Transformations.

Thank you doesn't cover the gratitude I feel.


Worth every penny...

I had my last session 9 weeks ago and have lost 22lb since...would highly recommend...


Not only am I not fixating on food, but I have a much more positive and confident attitude, its great, would absolutely recommend it...


I would love to thank you for everything. My fear of flying has gone, woo hoo! .....and if it ever comes back I’ll use the techniques you taught me....


I saw Barry a few weeks ago as I suffered from health anxiety. I was at the point where I couldn't go anywhere myself and I couldn't even take my little girl to the park as I had a horrible feeling that something bad was going to happen to me!

After my session I have taken small steps by going out alone and life looks so much better! I even went on holiday which included an 8 hour drive and my anxiety never played up at all... I could not have done this last year!

My anxiety has its moments, but not as much as it did before! I'm so grateful to Barry for giving me my life back and would recommend Transformations to anyone. Keep up the good work.


If you're feeling sceptical about the gastric band hypnosis DON'T BE!!!!!

After almost 30 years of food controlling my life I had my first hypnosis session on 7th February and by my second session on 14th February I was not only in control of my eating, but my eating habits have totally changed.

I am loving life, myself and I'm looking forward to the future... Oh and I've lost 7 lbs to boot!


Just watched Andy's flight on Facebook - terrific!
Thank you so much. Can now look forward to holidays together for years to come.
You are a lovely couple and have such a gift.


I still haven't had a cupcake, I can't eat past full and not feeling worried! I'm so focused I can't believe it!