Pain Elimination

Pain Elimination

Have you been suffering in pain for a some time?
Can you even imagine what life would be like if you were to be free from it?
Once you understand it has a purpose, especially when it relates to an new injury or problem, you can approach it differently. Pain gives you the signal that you need to deal with something – most commonly a physical injury.
Once you’ve received treatment and the tissues have healed, and a medical diagnosis saying no more can be done, you may be left to manage it. Whether it’s an old injury, sciatica, back ache, from arthritis or even from fibromyalgia.
What We Do
That can all change. It may be possible your pain can be eliminated or reduced. Your body is capable of healing itself in most cases. By using your subconscious mind the issues can be removed or deleted.
This does not require hypnosis or trance, it is simply a methodology.  The process utilises how the brain processes information. By processing at an unconscious level, old pain that is unnecessary may be gone. Making you as free from it as possible, whilst keeping you safely able to recognise any pain associated with any new injury.

Having dealt with the symptoms from a range of conditions we have a wealth of experience in helping clients. If you want to know more then hear from some of those who have experienced the treatment.

Sports Injury

Stephen Morgan – Her Gift To Me Was Priceless

I highly recommend Marina Collins and endorse her therapy fully. 

In 2000 I collapsed to the floor whilst at work with severe sciatic pain, lumbar pain in the region of L4-L5 of the spine, pins and needles and episodes of numbness persisting on the left side from my hip down to the foot.

Since then I have been in chronic pain.

Following several consultations I was informed I would need an operation to release the compression on the nerve in my hip in Jan 2004. It was unsuccessful and my meds were increased and strengthened. Then in 2005 I received a bout of radio pulse therapy directly to the nerve. (Painful!) Unsuccessful again, meds increased.

In 2008 following GP’s advice I went back to the pain clinic for injections directly into the spine. And yes they hurt a lot. I was also passed onto a neurosurgeon. The injections didn’t work.

Neurosurgeon stated there was a protrusion pushing on my spinal column made of scar tissue from an old injury around L4-L5 region.

A Laminectomy was scheduled for Sept 2009. It was unsuccessful and I was informed that I also now suffered with what they termed as “Failed Surgery Syndrome.” Suffering with osteoarthritis as a consequence of the surgery too. Being left with a mass of scar tissue following surgery. And the last MRI scan showed I had multilevel abnormalities along the spine, blackened discs, spondylosis, and compressed discs compression root nerves.

I walked in unaided to surgery and have needed walking aids to help move around since. By 2011 I was in a wheelchair and put on high doses of morphine gaining weight.

By 2018 I was getting out of my wheelchair, lost some of the weight but had very limited movements suffering from extreme bouts of pain, pins and needles, numbness; bi-lateral and from head to toe.

Following just one short session with Marina Collins (Sept. 2018) I have a range of movement I never thought I would have again.

That allows me to enjoy my life again without the pain from before. And for once reduced my meds; I am now no longer on Morphine.

I had always been energetic and active; and now with her assistance I have regained a part of me I thought I had lost forever. I couldn’t sit, stand or lay down without chronic pain, discomfort or altered sensations. There was not a part of my life that was not impacted.

As well as the physical pain though, my life has also been one of immense emotional pain; from a very early age. So that for many years unconsciously I have been carrying this rucksack full of stones, quite literally my pain. And as each year has passed that rucksack has steadily gotten heavier and heavier, weighing me down so much that it seems it was manifesting in my life by slowly breaking my back, bringing me down.

Now with the help from Marina Collins this September I have been able to set down that rucksack full of negative emotion and not only that, it is okay to do so. I now do not need to carry those negative emotions around with me for the rest of my life, not if I choose not to.

S. Morgan

Disclaimer – An appointment or consultation does not take place of medical advise and assistance. Before contacting Transformations it is important for you to have been diagnosed by a medical professional and informed that pain relief is an option or even prescribed medication. We will put you in touch with the part of you that controls pain and we will working closely with it to remove or reduce it to a safe level, including complete removal where that is possible. Following this you are advised to take note of any new pain, if it arises and seek medical attention. If you wish to reduce or stop any medication then medical support must be obtained.