These programs have been created with a specific goal in mind for you. Using them regularly, when you can safely withdraw from the outside world and allow yourself to become fully immersed will greatly increase the benefit you will experience.

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Positivity Download

(29 minutes)        £14.99

Help create a more positive attitude for life. Have you ever wished you could just get your mind to ‘shut up’ and give you a break, allowing your natural positivity to shine through?  Using this track regularly will provide the opportunity for youth do just this. Suitable for assisting with moving on from the past, and becoming more focused on your future.

Positivity Download

Smoking Cessation Download

(18 minutes)        £19.99

If you already want to become smoke-free then this track will support you making positive change in your behaviours and habits. When you decide to stop smoking, there can be reminders of your old habits. By learning new ways of thinking and developing new behaviours to manage those times and places is an important part of your success.

This audio track can also be used to support change in other habitual behaviours, such as those relating to alcohol, nail biting, or other repetitive habits.

Changing Habits Download

Relaxation Download

(15 minutes)        £9.99   (FREE with newsletter – See below)

This track is ideal for putting your stresses to one side and allowing your mind and body to unwind, providing the ideal environment to recharge your energy.

Relaxation Download

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These programs have been specifically designed for you to download to help you access your unconscious resources, so that you can change at your own pace. Whether you want to learn to relax, change a habit or tap in to you inner power, there’s something for you too here.

After you purchase these programs, only use them when you can safely relax fully and completely, and without interruption. Each download contains a powerful hypnotic induction to give you access to states you would not normally enter. These can be used as often as you like, with better results with regular use.