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Are We There Yet…?

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Are you the best possible version of you? Are you the person you want to be? Are you being the you that is fulfilled and happy? No...? Well why not? So many people spend time waiting. You might ask, "What for?" And the honest answer is I don't know, and most likely, neither do they. [...]
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Uninstalling Stress

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We’ve all had the experience of feeling stress or anxiety. Some more intensely, some more frequently than others, but to a greater or lesser degree we’ve all had the experience. Sometimes triggered by exams, sometimes relationships or work. Sometimes the catalyst can be money or some unexpected turn of events in life. For most, the […]

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Do You Want To Believe?

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Do you believe everything you’re told, without question? Hopefully not, but do you believe some of the things you’re told, without any scrutiny or examination? Quite possibly, and it’s these ‘facts’ that become the foundation for some life limiting beliefs. Many of us accepted Santa Claus or the tooth fairy as reality, without ever asking, “Mom, what have you been smoking?” […]

Ready, Steady, Erm… What Now?

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So the festivities are over… Late nights, sleeping in, good food, love and laughter have filled that strange time of year that starts for many, just before Christmas, and ends sometime soon, if it hasn’t already done so, and so once more we return to the reality that is ‘Real Life’. Back to work, doing […]

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Haven’t we been here before?

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Have you ever walked down the street and had to stop and do a double-take because you think you know someone who just walked past you? Or maybe you spend hours looking at the clouds, recognising the familiar shapes of dragons, unicorns and chocolate bars? We are constantly filtering for that which is familiar. You […]

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Life Through A Lens

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With the festivities of the holiday season behind us, I recall the last couple of weeks or so and notice something more and more prolific in our lives… that we now record the moments of our lives with such ease that sometimes we get more involved in capturing the moment, than actually experiencing it! The reverence […]

Isn’t that awfully spicy?

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'What goes around, comes around…', I've heard it said countless times, but never really gave it much thought until recently when I witnessed an almost text book example of karma, not the spicy/sweet indian dish (although I'm partial to that too…), but the way that the when things happen, a lot of the time they [...]