Welcome to change…

Change is something that many want. Some may not know what they want, but simply sense on some level, they don’t have it. A few know what they want, but don’t know how to achieve it.

We can help you find what you seek, and equip you with the tools to achieve it. What you desire is not out of reach, it simply requires a different approach, a different way of thinking to make it accessible. Much of the time the things we fail to achieve are because of our own limited beliefs, holding us back from reaching our potential. Coupled with fear of failure, many would rather not try, than risk failure along with the potential for susccess..


Coaching is not necessarily about goal setting. It can be a journey of self discovery, learning about your potential so that whatever goal you set your sights on, you know you are fully equipped to pursue your dreams and make them your reality. By creating within you the resilience to face the challenges that life will invariably throw at you, you can overcome the impossible and emerge stronger than ever.


Phobias can be debilitating for those who have them, and an enigma to those who don’t. By understanding how fear functions at a primal level, we can provide the opportunity to eliminate fear, quickly and effortlessly. Fear is not a problem, it is only a problem when it is out of control, and holding you back fro achieving what you want in life.

Stress / Anxiety

Most peoples lives involve small amounts of stress or anxiety, but when it becomes ever-present, and begins to have an impact on your health, relationships, finances or career, then it’s time to address it, and make a decision to change the way you feel and eliminate the feelings, if not the source of it altogether.

Weight Management

Managing your weight is not about denying yourself tasty, enjoyable foods. Being healthy is not about spending hours at the gym, getting hot and sweaty. It’s about having the right attitude to, and a healthy relationship with, food. For many, a dysfunctional relationship with food leads to weight problems. By changing how you think about food can turn your health around 180° and set you on the path to a long, healthy life.

Smoking Cessation

Eliminating cigarettes from your life can be as difficult or as easy as you want to make it. Most people have the expectation that it’s an incredibly difficult task, and for them it will be, but for you it can be easy. If you are ready to set yourself free, and commit to better, healthier you for the future, then giving up can happen in the time it takes to say, “I’m done!”


Hypnosis downloads can be a powerful way to repeatedly reinforce positive behaviours and messages to your unconscious, making the process of ‘reprogramming’ yourself easy and enjoyable. With subliminal suggestions carefully embedded in to each of these deeply hypnotic & relaxing tracks, you can open your mind to effortless change, whilst enjoying the process of clearing your mind, and emerging re-energised.

Husband & wife team, Barry & Marina Collins, are the driving force behind Transformations with over a decade of experience in the personal development & self-help field, having learned from the best in the field.